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You wonder, "Why?"

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

You wonder why… there are so many open ends to this question it startles me. We aren’t just talking about your high ass brain wandering around inside itself, constantly running into contradictions. Today we will be talking about the things I do, and you're wondering why I do them. Then you can talk about why you needed to know.

Let’s start this turtle race off on a good foot or two. So how about the first thing you may be wondering is why I want to make everybody so fucking happy. More notably, why I do this if half the time people read me as manically depressed. Okay, first we better start with... I’m depressed much less than half the time, it’s closer to forty-five percent of the time.

Also, can we ask your common sense to determine a fruitful reason? It should be easy, really easy. I mean come on, how often do you want somebody to experience a substantial amount of misery? Especially if it’s one of the, if not the very worst thing you’ve had to endure? The answer is never. Even if you don’t agree with almost anything the eccentric Robin Williams said, chances are you agree with him there. I don’t want people to be kicked when they are down, lose faith in friends, be mentally rattled beyond repair, or lose the love of their life. I did enough of all that for everybody I know, and everybody I will ever meet.

“Well, Wyatt...maybe that was why.”

Since you have one we might as well get as many out as we can now.

“Why do you always seem to talk in code, like you are a subpar alien from a bad sci-fi movie?”

That one may not be as passive of an acceptable answer as the last, but here it goes. I answer questions with questions, talk in “code”, and am never one hundred percent un-facetious because I don't believe there is another way. How do you get somebody to learn something for themselves when they are given the answer? You don’t. They don’t learn anything except who to turn to the answers for, and who you can cry to when you don’t get what you want. That’s how they got us, the millennials. It was fuckin' that and movie quotes.

I will give you whatever you need to develop an opinion or gather enough evidence to form the most reasonable hypothesis. That means playing the devil’s advocate, even if he is my dearest and oldest friend. I will do whatever it takes to give you all you need, even if you form an opinion of something in the wrong way or against evidence. I mean if you’re not smart enough to see the evidence and form the correct one then I have done all I can. I cannot give you any more brain cells. So if I never give you an answer straight when you have an opportunity to learn do you hate me, or yourself for not being willing to learn?

Alright, I’ll do one more before I call it a day. I’ll cut you down and say the why’s for my influencing women's decisions, spending ungodly amounts of money on friends, and drinking/ smoking in heavy excess at times which are tied to the reasons above. So that brings me to the last melon. Oh no, the last melon. Why do you hide your relationships and come off as the gay friend?

*As I exhale the cig I don’t smoke but happen to have for this question.*

I hide more than that for starters. Most of the truth isn't told. It's not that I'm lying, just covering some things, a lot of things, up. Really though, I happen to have had enough experience knowing that water and blood don’t mix, yet you still need both for life. Even if you are low on both the love you carry for your friends is much different than the love that releases oxytocin and clouds the decisions you make. As for the homosexual part, that’s easy. Well, it’s not easy being gay. There is nothing wrong if I was. I can tell you right now I do have a problem with queers. I can’t see their point of view, but it doesn’t affect any interaction I have ever had with somebody who is. It’s like talking with a Black guy. Yeah, he could be lying, hiding parts of the truth, or all of the above. You don’t know, you’re not him. You’re not any other person. Don’t ever fuckin’ tell me you know something about someone else. You may know facts and have some empathy but that’s all you can get. So play friendly, but hold your cards to your chest.

You see the original formation of this country was on the best document the world has ever seen. It is one page and laces the Bible, Quran, and every other bigoted book of religion. You know the page where America declared its independence and gave unalienable rights! While unalienable may be used as a cuntservitive slur by libtards it really means ”unable to be taken away from or given away by the possessor”. So since you have that down and live here (most likely), you can believe if it doesn’t affect YOUR three rights there shouldn’t be a problem with it.

How does a man, women, whatever it wants to be called, in a corner smoking a joint, drinking a beer, sucking a dick, shooting his Sig Sauer .45, being from another country, and talking about some other hot topics (Not the store hot topic, Jesus), all while using every politically incorrect word down to retard (That’s me according to three states) and not being white (obviously probably black) affect any of your rights? That’s the thing sweetie, you say it does, it doesn’t. You are still alive, uninjured, free, and can chase whatever non-faggot or faggot that makes you happy, you faggot. My point is, I’m coming across as every hotspot in our modern society to show them we should probably read our own history and not fucking ignore it. I mean ignoring our history would make us believe people like Malcolm X, Bill Clinton, Al Gore and other “heroes” haven’t been charged with more than one accusation of sexual assault. MLK, and Lenon didn’t beat their wives. Plus Gandhi was racist and in the pedophile group. I won’t even open that can of worms. I do that in another writing. People don't hear it if I say it once. We could rip their statues down, with all other confederate statues and everything that has ever offended somebody? What good would that do? Where would we sit and be reminded of how terrible our history was, and how to not go back to that again? Oh, that’s right we wouldn't… and like most history we hate, it would repeat itself. So yeah, we should probably stop.

So in conclusion, that’s not how you start a conclusion off, and I don’t give any fucks. I hope you got this. I hope by now you’re willing to accept me. I don’t care either way. I am just begging people to stop asking me fuckin’ questions about why I do things. I just wanna better the world. Even if it gets better by everybody standing on the one piece of ground they think they have in common, hating me. We can be better. I’ll get us there. *starts to actually cuff sleeves and roll them up* Fuckin’ watch and stop asking why.

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