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The Art of the FucK

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

What is the Art of FucK?

Let me get this out of the way before we start, FUCK YOU. Fuck is art. Need an explanation? fuck YOU…

I can walk through about any house, filled with friends of mine, people who despise me, people a decade older, a decade younger, it doesn’t matter. I sit right on the millennial and Gen-Z bubble and if I look to either side of me I can tell you most of these people don’t fuck.

I don’t mean fuck like the kind of fuck a high school kid has wet dreams about, or the same kinda college kid tries for every weekend. Guys, girls, anything in between... you don’t know the difference anymore between a one night, leave sweat stains, and handprints in a hotel room kind of Fuck, versus a diner on the balcony watching a sunset drinking a few glasses of wine kind of Fuck, versus a just met on tinder and I need some dopamine rush while I take a diluted piss kinda fuck. Some didn’t know there was a difference. Some are telling me all the do’s and don’ts between them like they’ve written a list so they don’t fuck it up again. It’s un-be-fucking-leavable. We’ll fucking get into those fucks later. Right now I wanna get this out of the fucking way. So many fucks, and none to give.

Fucks aren’t free, don’t dish em out like they are. It’s not that anyone can choose exactly what they want to invest themselves in all the time. There are aspects of our lives that we can’t choose to be emotionally invested in, but there are some we can. Let us be honest with one another, if we can’t change it does it even make a difference between giving a fuck and not? What I am trying to say is if you can’t change it, why care? Why give two fucks? If you are your best self and not fucking tolerating the bullshit of others, this world, this life, this day is fucking yours. Everyone has their own beliefs and it’s their fucking right to have those as long as they don’t affect your life, your pursuit of happiness, or your liberty. If it isn’t affecting you, then why would you care about someone else’s fucking beliefs? I mean, we all know there are stupid people all over, so why would you lower yourself to their level and waste your energy pretending it fuckin’ matters. It’s their problem or waste of energy, don’t make it yours. One more time, the lesson is : Don’t give out free fucks.

So back to the real Fucking. I don’t mean the fucking. I mean the Fucking. Sometimes, I really mean the FUCKING. I don’t need you to fuck your way around the definition of the word f-u-c-k. I don’t need you to tell me how you were treated unfairly so you feel like you got Fucked. I get it you don’t fucking know what to do. I don’t need you to do shit about fuck. Fuck…

If you got this far and don’t understand how the different forms of fuck are used throughout the paper, then throw it away, it’s fuckin useless. You can’t learn the difference between a fuck and wanting to be fucked. You can’t be taught the difference between a fuck like everyone else, and the Fuck of your fantasies. Fuckin’ dominating, energetic, physical, and a desire are what form a true Fuck, or at least most of it. You don’t just Fuck at home. You don’t just Fuck in your bed. Now I don’t necessarily mean you’re out on your balcony pants down, nothing fuckin’ wrong with that, but it’s not the point. You need to teach yourself where a lick, kiss, bite, or all of the above may be placed to turn a fuck into an “Oh, oh FUCK”. The placement and the strength of your touches, the time it takes you to move from one piece of the body to the next, the confidence you do it with, the fucking tension between you two you cut with a fuck prior to the first move. Most people will try to reason with themselves here and say they, “Fucked that one time”. They don’t fucking know. The fucking truth is most people have never been fucked properly and they won’t know until they have been if they ever learn. Most people don’t know the difference between fucks though. Most people don’t understand the time it takes to properly fuck, and that a good Fuck can be a few seconds to hours long. It just Fucking changes. What’s wanted isn’t the definition of the word that anyone could have read as they pumped in and out, fucking around. I want to be Fucking with the nails in the back, loud as fuck, dripping with sweat as we are staring into one another’s eyes kind of FUCK. I want to be Fuckin serious. Most people don’t understand that fucking properly, whether to your lady, the corporate rival, or the other sports team who just paid the official is a Fucking Art. There is an art to being fucked, to fucking, to giving, and to taking fucks from those fucking fucks.

I would never write something like this to just say fuck as much as I could. I’d do that in front of anybody who stood in fucking front of me. I’m not doing this for fucking sex. I would love to fuck but I’ve had a-fucking-nough of just fucking without getting to really FUCK. I’m not doing this because I give a fuck about what you think or because I think you need to fucking learn. It's the being open to learn fucking from Fucking and turning it into the ability to FUCK. I am doing this so you may see that you need to stop and take a deep fucking breath. Take a deep breath and realize most of the world is things we don’t fucking know, including the different forms of fuck. The kind your partner wants, the kind you give, and the kind they sell at the corner store at two for the fucking price of one. I can lead your fucking horse to the water but if it’s not fucking drinking it’s not my fucking fault. I’m fucking done.

So fuck you

Fuck Him

Fuck Her

Fuck, Fuck, Fuck

Fuck this

Fuck that

Fuck, Fuck, Fuck

And if Fuck is all you fuckin’ heard?

That’s because fuck my favorite mother fucking word.

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