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Snouts up

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

He walked by in his old ragged faded jeans and shirt. Keeping his head low, covered by his straw hat to avoid eye contact with those inside the restaurant. Holes in his shirt, boots, and no belt he could hear their laughs. He was sure it was at him. His shirt was tattered with mud, blood, and tears. He smelled like shit. Struggling to keep a farm, wasn't that every farmer and rancher at some point in their life? At this point he was a poor representation of what he had achieved in life. With a glance up he was sure the laughs from inside were cast in his direction. Upon his gaze set up, he made eye contact with one of the chuckling girls. She appeared to be in her early twenties. She looked like a little giggling piglet with a face full of slop. His painful smile walking in his beaten outfit under the drizzling rain stopped her laugh in its tracks.

He had just sold this restaurant a load of pigs. Killed, cleaned, and ready to be butchered and served. They were the pigs these swine would eat as a thankful meal for this season, these holidays. A meal they accompanied with presents for their fellow pigs. The delicately wrapped pieces of garbage from the fat massive hogs and boars that ran the companies, bringing all joy. Hooves shoving goods, food, and drama at their sow of a mother. Even the vegetarians and vegans posted across the same table sat like warthogs using their tusks to tell people they weren't pigs. Causing the same pain, discomfort, and danger with their ignorance. Nobody listened to the science, the other side, the poor man's perspective. All held some discrimination to javelinas or barnisas, or both. All stated they didn't as they pulled back their snouts and waxed their hair to conform to modern farm life. This is why he sat with his worthless over education, hidden fortune, and ransacked dirty clothes, with a smile. He knew he was a bastard. He knew popular opinion was almost always against him. Yet, he started laughing as he walked away from the women in the restaurant because he couldn't tell the difference between any of these pigs in a generation of swine.

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