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Whiskey & Women

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Madeleine With red ink, my problems bleed and bleed from the end of my pen. They're written down so your imagination can bring them together again. Laugh now, If you thought I was a joke, it’s best to think again. I'm not a very good role model or even a good friend. My sins are counted in sets of two or even ten. I am being serious and I'm seriously at my wit's end. I have broken so many rules there’s none left to bend. Fuck, just trying to tell the truth and I'm not here to offend. So many debts to these fucks, I will never pay my dividends. I write all my own plays. I'm brutally honest and I find it hard to pretend. The truth is hard to swallow and much harder to comprehend. My biggest problem came and was gone in 8 seconds. It crawled in the rain and the mud and the blood like it was Cheyenne. But I couldn’t keep her, not even as a friend. Even with a pen in my hand and a thousand love letters left to send. And for the last time before my life ends, I love you forever and always Madeleine It’s Hittin’ Me... Her beauty is vast, voluptuous, and sticks out vividly, The thoughts in her eyes bring out and create epiphanies, When their stuck starring everybody sees her differently, Some see her smoking and others painting blissfully, Some see her old and others see her in Infancy, She is portrayed like a bookie, smart in manners fiscally, Yet, she has manners of extreme reliability, She gives no idea of her deadly toxicity, She can be a loner or part of the industry, When I see her mad, it adds, exponentially, It goes to my love for her unconditionally, Portrayed coordinated with no dystrophy, These thoughts aren’t new but start traditionally, They have been thought over supremely sufficiently, Answers come in contempt of court like their judicially, You are sweet, happy, and sweating with sympathy, You knew she had a clear mind and didn’t know of her divinity, Your little cookie always appeared, to you deliciously, But with a smooth draw she kept her consistency, With a deep breath, she asks a question without hostility, She asks if I see her with potential for my sexual activity, My answer doesn't come out and it sticks with her spiritually, We never fought, but fuck she's hittin' me, These are probably the reasons she can’t be with me. Ours Your lips, and my drink are soothing me. I used to just talk of love, now I speak it fluently. I didn't know what loving you could really do to me. I still ask, what could have made me act so stupidly, You sleep at home and live at the bars. You care less about us together than your makeup or your car. I put a roof over our head for you to claim you’re a star. You speak of all this change as if it’s not that hard. Well say hello, cause we couldn't get bye even if I sell my guitar, It may be okay now, but we will forever fill it with scars, It may not be a good love but fuck, it’s ours. Love knows My love knows I was never the one to roll the dice, She knows I'm always the one with the bloodshot eyes, My Love knows everything she wants and she can, She knows everything about this goddamn fuckin’ man, My love knows I could never stay true, She knows I was bound to sing and wail the blues, She knows about my devil inside, She knows I have no real place to hide, Yet, If it wasn’t for my actions she may not have cried, It’s time I put this relationship over my pride. Her I changed for her. I made myself appear differently for her. I spent a load and a half of money on her. I was still turned down by her. I guess I know how it feels to be her now. Mistake Your kiss is what fuels my fire. I’ve smoked but you get me higher. I told you I stopped, but I knew I was a liar. It’s what I want and it is also what I hate. The differences are the choices you don’t make. Being buried alive or burned at the stake. Either way, it is the same outcome of fate. The sweet and sour ever so salty taste Hoping you glance back, only to make the same mistake Dreams and nightmares Last night I had a dream I was with you. But yet, when I woke up it wasn't true. I awoke and gazed into her eyes, I couldn’t explain but I saw your face. I was sitting in her apartment, but I had imagined it was your place. I knew then things were never meant to be, because I treated you as an equal, and he treated you as a queen. I was fired like hot lead from a loaded gun. Tearing through the target and swearing you were the one. I know I've lost this battle and most likely the whole race. but as long as you're happy with a smile on your face. Even if from now on I am crazy and depressed, I'll try whatever I can to put my heart to rest. I may never again be completely sane, but at least I’ve moved on, yeah, that's what my friends would say, Come to think of it. What do their opinions matter any fucking way, If practice makes perfect then perfect I'll never be, because two tugs on my heartstrings pull my sanity, I could be whatever you wanted me to be. Turns out you just didn't want me to be around, So I bounced. You left town. You had these ideas and opinions laid down blatantly, They didn’t change things, because you never really knew me, you never took the chance to ask, you just took the chance, pulled down my pants, and I never got mad when you blew me, Now finally when the truth comes out, you don't know who it is you're thinking about, It gets dark when the lights go out, so stay with him. It won’t be long till you’re putting the gun to my head and contemplating. Never pulling the trigger because I know I won't win, You see even if I die, and there is a heaven, I won't end up with you again. something about you now just makes me so sick, I think it’s because I've never jump to conclusions, or through these fuckin hoops so quick, we fought and we yelled just like real people do, you loved me and I was more than crazy about you I tried to set you free and failed miserably, little did I know that was the worst part of my destiny, when your boyfriend broke up with you I took your hand, I took my time to strategically devise a plan, I wrote a letter and gave you the key to my heart, but apparently so did he and it wasn't that hard. So now right after you asked me to stop drinking I'm sitting alone in a bar and I can’t stop thinking Cursing at myself in my Goddamn car Hating myself for having to take it that far You see, this is what happens when your brain does the work and your heart is in charge Death tips his glass* And at that moment I knew I could always love, it could just never be you Because while many do Some dreams will just never come true

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