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Nightmares Of Reality

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Twice now my eyes have fluttered, hand twitched, and words weren’t able to come out. I’ve been worried all weekend somebody might see. I’ve slipped twice and gone unnoticed. I've even had hallucinations. Well not full blown seeing things that aren't there. It's more of a seeing things that are here very differently. Thank Jesus they’ve been while nobody was awake and I wasn’t in conversation. I’ve had more this weekend than I have in the previous month combined. Last month was a record in the visual department. That only amplifies my worries. No drugs and I’m getting worse, damn these concussions. As the man inside my head pulls my eyes back ... the headaches resume.

Run for Cover

Run through a Fire

Run from the thought of love

Run to doctor with your drugs

Run Just to stay a'-fucking-live

Run cuz you’re running out of time

Hungry, hopeless, and hooked on her. Can’t help the hell of a time you have holding off her memories trying to harass you.

She looked like a perfect Disney gothic fairytale princess. Blood red lips, black satin hair, and a sideways smile that made you shutter.

She smokes her competition, her morals, her boyfriends weed, and her nicotine. She smokes all day yet, she doesn’t want a drag.

She fucked your mind, body, and soul. When we came we became. One.

Sleep with her, only to awake alone.

Your eyes reel in focus from what you assume was a good night. You're still sad. Still, have the car crash fresh in your mind. You look around the room to find the bottle of whiskey you killed last night hoping her memory was inside. You remain strong for the day but break inside when her memory climbs back in… You take another, taste the paper, and let the nightmare begin

Heart was broken, ego was dead, and all while her pride was sore.

Drip after drip on the tile. Makeup and tears ran down her face.

Mirror shattered with a fuckin' fifth on the floor.

Looking at the crippled beauty puts me in my place.

So turn around and walk out that door.

I mean look around, you're not needed here anymore.

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