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Look Mom, Drugs.

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Drug: A substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.

Yes, he's a great author, yes, I wear yellow glasses for my head like he did (Hunter S. Thompson). No, I am not always carrying a suitcase full of drugs as he did for a weekend in Vegas. I never wanted to do drugs. I never wanted others too either. That was until I found out what a drug was. Caffeine, alcohol, weed, heroin, aspirin or anything that could cause a physiological effect on the body when introduced. So that means the things you love and get a warm heart over from a flow of Oxytocin are drugs. That means the things in your life you look at and it ices you over like a midwinter lake in Michigan are drugs. That means even the things where you don’t feel anything but a sudden rush of adrenaline and maybe even a washing tide of dopamine telling you to do it again, those are drugs too. Every person on earth has an addiction. Every person feels pain. Every person has something they are willing or wanting to trade for a new or better habit. Everybody does drugs, one type or another, accept it.

I know in today’s day and age we think that anything that doesn’t have hallucinations or cause trips to the hospital for at least one of our friends, or maybe a drop out of high school for another, isn’t even a “drug dude”, but that’s my fuckin' point. While these hardcore drugs like fentanyl are the fringes that are fun and daring to read and write about they aren’t something a lot of us have experienced. More of us have had experiences than we would like to admit, but the majority is probably still out on most of the harder stuff. Yet even the Amish, Mormons, and that straight edge sober dude you never liked in high school all take drugs on the daily. They just don’t call them drugs. They aren’t druggy enough for them to call drugs. Yet, everybody takes these drugs. Everybody knows some drugs or knows somebody who really knows some drugs drugs. Accept it for what it is.

So when I need to describe something even as easy as a breakup, I will go into the detail you crave with drugs. A good writer can keep a story true and into a story you want to read. A great writer will change the story into something better you want to read. Me, I turn all the references in the middle to the furthest standard deviations. I’m not calling myself a good writer. I'm just saying I write with drugs. In layman’s terms, I flip-fuck it and change so much you can’t put the story down, like drugs. I use the fringes on each end to sew together an abstract picture for all to read.

It’s easy to keep things simple. Especially when I turn every craving, need, and Relapse into a drug.

Think about it. Anything you are willing to give your time for causes some sort of positive or negative reaction that has enough effects to be considered a form of a drug. It's not a "real drug" because you didn't physically ingest something but it still has the same effects. Maybe it's scaled-down, maybe it's scaled up, but no maybes about it, dedication of your time is a drug. Everybody has their own drug(s). Everybody has their own opinion. I just hope both are put to good use and not just cast aside for sounding bad like you would, you know, drugs.

Also, no, I don't and haven't taken all these drugs I write about. I haven't taken the majority. I haven't taken as many as people would expect with my injuries and I won't anytime in the future. That isn't the point though, the point is anything is a drug. The coffee can be speed, the girl can be heroin (or a heroin), and the black mirrored screen in front of you is an amphetamine to us all. We are all running towards something or away from it. We all have out methods to get through this.

Yes, I could write everything with natural explanations. I could write everything exactly as it happened. I could tell you exactly what happened without any changes at all but good writing, isn’t that boring? I’m not even good yet but I know those kinds of details keep you reading. Especially when drugs are brought up. So stop asking why I always have to write about drugs and go find something to take.

Find something to love. Find something to be passionate about. Find something that puts you in a good mood. Find something you’re addicted to. Find something you swear isn’t a drug and take it, because it is.

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