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If I could tell her one thing

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

If I could tell her one thing it would be to read this letter….

You are so in love with the idea of romance you keep falling for strangers and attach yourself to anybody who allows the opportunity. You aren’t living the life based on what’s best for you, but what others do. Don’t be okay, it’s not happy, and it’s not down enough to gather any reasonable pity. Don’t try and take home the one man who is hard to get there, try and take home the one that is hard to keep there. The smallest amount of makeup you can put on is the right amount. You aren’t loving wrong, just the wrong people. Don’t let what you’re not expecting from him change your plans. Don’t let dream of what could be, or nightmares of what could have been, keep you up at night. Get up, put those bags under your eyes, pick up those heavy thoughts, put the world on your back, just get up. You don’t need to know what it’s like to be theirs, just your own. Don’t regrat (not even one letter) what could have been just change what will be. Don’t say goodbye say see you again. Don’t run your hands down his back searching for wings. Don’t forget the parachute when he takes you to the top of the world. Don’t go try and find yourself go and create yourself. Leave a mark, not a scar. Don’t be comforted with lies be scared by the truth. Putting your headphones in does not mean you’re not alone, find somebody to listen with you. Don’t be scared with your daily activities. Do something that scares you everyday. Don’t read star signs, read their signs. Go where you are needed, not wanted. Don’t look for those who will let you, but those who will stop you. You know it’s love when reality is better than your dreams. They are going to hurt you, just make sure they are worth suffering for. Don’t be the savior, you will be crucified. Lastly tell everybody … I know no greater pain than an untold story being held inside.

I don’t actually have those feelings for you, I know this hurts to hear, but you’re better than me. My life’s love left with no return possible. When I see you falling for me it hurts to see the feelings she felt for me when I can’t return them. Please don’t cry, you’ll find him one day.

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