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How's the lead taste now?

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

You would do a lot, for a lot of people. You have many people you would take risks for. People you just met, to lifelong friends and family. Having said that, your friends can range in value. They can be as valuable to you as anything you physically own. They can be something you’re willing to disregard as much as your favorite restaurant you haven't been to in, "who knows how long". You know the one you tell everybody about but haven't been their since the new remodel. Some get on your nerves more than others. Some never get on your nerves. There is one thing we can agree on for all your friends. There is a reason you call them friends and not acquaintances.

An acquaintance is somebody you know, you may even stretch your own neck for, but there is something keeping them from being placed on your friend list, or fuck, maybe it’s a scroll of friends. While the reason they aren’t in your friend zone may vary, the reason you're still associating with them won’t. You share common values, you ask them for favors, you enjoy their presence most of the time, or at least some of the time. It could even be all the time. Even with your best friends, the people you consider your family that you don't have to watch yourself around, the ones that you give unconditional support to, the ones you end up biting a bullet for their enjoyment at some point. That’s where this is going…

You have bitten many in your life, right? You’ve bitten bullets sizing from minuscule to massive. People have leaned on you even when you couldn’t support them, yet somehow, you walked them through it. You walked through it with them. You have been through situations you didn’t know you could go through, just to reassure your colleagues who were going through it too. You have withstood waves of wickedness while tolerating terrible turbulence in your own life. There is a point to me going through this. I have come to point out no matter how many times you’ve bitten a bullet it probably won’t be your last. The fact is while some suck, most work out in the end. They develop a taste you didn’t know you had. They add to an engagement you didn’t know could grow. Most importantly despite all other things they help the person you care enough about to bit the fucking bullet for. So even if sucking the sour slug leaves an un-succulent, un-sapid, salty taste tingling on your tongue, the satisfaction and over joy it brings to others should make it worth it. So even if it taste that terrible on the spot ask yourself after it’s all done, after they have gotten what they needed, after you’ve had the blunt end, How’s the lead taste now?

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