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Cowboys Get Stoned & Set Mouse Traps

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Cowboys Get Stoned

Fingers on the wheel, like birds on a wire. You have thousands of miles to drive and no way to stop this fire. Hit the gas, and dump the clutch, one of those nights you burn rubber going nowhere. One of those nights when you just can't shake the road. Don’t know how much longer you can go without a drink or a fight. Yeah, just one of those nights.

Yeah, it was one of those nights.

That’s when I saw it,

The satellite hotel right off Main street.

I jumped into the dive bar. Head down to avoid the heat. They swam in the marijuana and tobacco smoke. It smelled so fresh and sweet. Just like a boat, in a lake they came to overlook.

They start to sink from a leak.

Everybody wants glitter and gold,

not this shit they don’t see.

Everybody wants a piece of your pie,

not a piece of me.

So I sit in the satellite hotel bar.

"I'll take a double whiskey."

It's not that you don't want to drink. You thought you were better than this. You thought you could make it the last 120 miles without stopping to piss. You thought a lot of things that turned out not to be true. You tried a lot of things that you knew weren't you.

Sit back and you know what you have to do,

You need to write about the people you see, take out your notepad.

They weren’t happy,

They weren’t sad.

They were just too real,

They had truth that needed to be concealed.

The man who holds the pen, he controls the story from start to end.

Numb me up again before I cry, yesterday was a rough ride.

You bellow a little laugh in your head...

Then again so is life.

One deep breath after another,

There are some things that don’t change

Like ice cream melts at the top of the cone

We all get together, and I still feel alone

And all the cowboys come out to get stoned

That’s why I write out all my wrongs. I put them on paper because I can’t sing them in a song. Life’s a joke, playing all out on you. Don’t get it? Don’t wanna be depressed? Whatever shall you do? Don't worry I am wondering too.

I know I am someone, I just am not sure who.

Some people love to write, but just can’t. Some people write to love and never hear back. Some people think they're just some people. Some people never tell their inner hero to conquer the evil. Some people think they're just some people.

I am someone but I don’t know who

I am someone, but I don’t know who. I ain’t no cowboy but I know a few. Head held high like the songs say I do. Maybe I am one more than I think. Maybe I depend on the radio, the road, and another drink. Then the whiskey sit’s down with me. We have a good conversation before I’m drunk or tipsy.

She says,

One deep breath after another,

The bad decisions, heartbreak, and vails of red.

That my friend is what makes you a cowboy in the end.

Knowing what I knew I took off my hat.

Knowing what I knew I folded my hands back.

I prayed to Jesus, I swore to God,

I crossed my heart but my plan was flawed.

I found the devil, It’s easier than you think,

Driving up and down the highway pushing people to the brink,

Right after that I saw god and tried to pick a fight,

That’s what happens when you try and steal my drink.

One deep breath after another,

There are some things that don’t change

Like ice cream melts at the top of the cone

We all get together and I still feel alone

And all the cowboys come out to get stoned

Took a bottle of pills and some smoke to the head.

Rather be wandering in the desert, than in the bar and dead.

Draggin' my boots in the blood and dust.

Lookin’ for a few ladies, one goes by the name of luck.

The others have broken pieces of me.

The others I didn’t expect to see.

Using the barbwire on the fence as my handrail.

Running from the lights so I don’t end up in jail.

One deep breath after another,

Hallucinating through the desert on a midnight stumble. It wasn't anything you had, at least not tonight, yet, you still saw double. Two problems out on the fence line. The elephant in the room and a smaller kind. You start to run but avoid the traps. You run towards the midnight flowers that shouldn't bloom like that. Running from something you didn’t know was there. Not until you saw it, then you couldn’t move. Kicked em’ around once or twice just to be sure. You froze cold in the heat when you realized you’d seen that before. The screams in your head were loud inside but couldn’t be heard. In the desert with an empty six-shooter and a deck of cards. That was all I had when I came up to scattered body parts. This looked like a broken heart...

I think about death all day every day until I watch something die, then I think about life.

I think about love instead of hate with all the Blood on my hands and in my eyes.

I’d prefer to be in someone else's head, or somewhere else, just not mine.

I don't want to live and I don't want to die.

I just want to get high and enjoy the Free Ride.

One deep breath then another.

There are some things that don’t change.

Like ice cream melts at the top of the cone,

We all get together and I still feel alone,

And all the cowboys come out to get stoned

Mousetraps In the Flowers

I set these traps to catch yourself. It keeps one away from the other.

Both the elephant in the room and the mouse don't allow the flowers to grow as well as they should. Both suffocate the flowers. One is too big to care about such small flowers to move them aside. The other burrows that cut through the roots like a knife in the night.

The Elephant in the room is kept away from the only thing that scares him, the mouse. The mouse is kept away from the only thing that may kill him, the trap. It may kill the mouse, for the elephant never to see again. It may keep the elephant out for the sight of a mouse.

Whatever may happen the results are the same. You don’t get to smell the flowers in the garden of love, only watch them grow.

Mousetraps in the flowers

I do what’s best for others, I do all I can.

Some things I do, you claim you don't understand.

One day I thought I’d stop laying mouse traps in the flowers

One day I’d be okay with who's sitting in power

One day I say as I watch the seconds turn to hours

One day that may never come as the sweet turns sour

I don't need you, or anyone, to understand

I am still looking for my path, I am figuring out my plan

I am not the man you thought you knew

I am close, but you’re far away and I have nothing to lose

You take the trail and the decision you’ve made

You lock lust in a steel bared and rusted cage

You burn the bridges you know love still lives on

You hate the violence as you sing a murder song

How could I rid the cancer

How could this be the best answer

How could I not make the changes for some

How could I leave for so long and never come

Why would I think it’s better without me

Why would I be dripping in sex and claim chastity

Why would I question and never just commit

Why would I put so many through this shit

One day I won’t have to make sure you don’t come back

One day I’ll cry as I explain with my head in her lap

One day they might leave and feel empowered

One day I won’t put mouse traps in the flowers

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