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Cats or Dogs?

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

The canine and feline have been around with our human race for all of the history we have. Integrated into our lives in vastly different ways.

Felines seem to represent minute and tamed versions of their wild predatorial cousins. They don’t roam the plains, jungles, or mountain tops stalking their prey. They're not even worried about the next meal. Even if they reflect this picture within their lives they seem to have been taught manners enough to have shown a dependence on the support they need, even if it’s minimal. The ideal cat promotes introverted laziness. Some may take the wrapped ball of soft fur laying next to the fire as a cunning creature. I believe it may not be stupid but is only cunning when compared to the mouse, unlike Tom and his counterpart Jerry. Argue that the feline meditates in solitary environments and I won’t argue. I won’t have to. It seems to be a lustful decoration when compared to the tool of a dog.

The dog with a much wider range of breeds and complications isn’t always intelligent. They are not always useful. Most of the time they are neither. Contrary to popular belief they aren’t always good boys or girls.

However, even as a useless breed in most well-raised cases the dog is drowning in devotion to their dictators, damnit! Dogs will not only humiliate themselves for our pleasure, but give their genetics for our preference of phenotypes. People prefer cats because they have never seen a police cat, hunting cat, drug cat, sled cat, sheep cat, guide cat, or anything for that matter. Doesn’t that make them less useful? Doesn’t that declassify them to decorations and not devote creatures? The cat serves as an ornament of luxury like a less expensive and Louis Vuitton. Not nearly as big of a waste of money as a brand logo, a cat is a love sponge. Reciprocation, absorbing, and commanding love through their personality characteristics. These felines with no tasks learned, little taste for human food acquired, and no dedication to exploring the things we don’t know in this world leave no argument for themselves. They may explore themselves. That may be the sole reason they're smarter than most humans.

So curl up tonight next to your diamond of a best friend dog or your purring cuddle buddy cat and disdain yourself with these thoughts. Let me hear your argument. Here’s mine.

You ever think you don’t deserve your dog? Every night when I crawled back from the local dive bars wishing I was dead, he greeted me. He loved me. He was happy to see me no matter what state I was in. He has learned over a hundred words of the English language. He can get me a beer, go deep for a pass, army crawl on command and so much more, including love me. I envy him. The whole reason I envy him is for the unconditional love my dog can give me. The love he can have. Never for the love he receives. He is a son of a bitch who never seems to fully understand the sentences I’m saying. Yet, he listens to every word as its cast in his direction. That's why when I have a cat and a dog, my life will be well. Until then my dog holds more than my heart can handle. It doesn't really matter your preference you're wrong if they are spoiled, you don't give them half of the happiness they give you, and you follow a few more rules. The ones hardly anyone follows with their children, let alone their pets. I don't envy the simplicity of those persons. The audacity to have something alive and loving without fully returning the favor. I don't envy them.

I envy my dog. No one, or nothing else, I know in this world can be fulfilled with as much content, and euphoria as my dog lying in a room surrounded by everything he has ever loved. I wish I knew what it must be to have the eternity of love given for the simple return of just fucking being. To be a dog and be as unconnected with your surroundings, but always more intertwined, with a more elementary concept of your contemporaries. I envy my dog.

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