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Bleached assholes

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Bleached assholes…Gee thanks Mate (Oz)... What a fucking subject. First, let’s start with you didn’t think this was something I knew or could write about. You’re wrong.

We could start by exploding in the rampaging sexual manner. I need lube just to talk to people who are rubbed raw by the inclination they aren't well explored or well experienced in the second of the three greatest holes I can think of. However, this isn’t where I’d like to carry the thoughts of bleaching assholes. People know I overthink everything, but they don’t know how.

Bleaching your asshole is making the dirtiest thing clean. It takes the literal shit out of the most shit soaked thing there is. I think this is a metaphor for how we can make the darkest souls seem light. The worst bitch can be beer battered in the abrasive dark thought that would make a grown man say excuse me, then come across as a picture perfect, heel together, both feet well before any line, celibate celebrating, Jane. I think the bleaching of assholes can be done in many manners. While we all know I prefer the sexual manner, and I think it is bad when done by some people to their personality, there is a manner in which it should be manipulated by many as often as possible.

Everybody has an asshole but they all don’t smell the same. We don’t wanna talk about that. We won’t. As long as you know you are unique in your worst parts but that’s not what matters. What matters is the fact in today’s day and age we have the technology and the support to help you clean the darkest vortex of your soul. You can be so clean that nobody notices the schizophrenic side conversations you have. They won’t notice your obsession over always being paid back, depression, or your infatuation with bleached assholes. Everybody should know they aren’t alone and we all have the viciously circular onslaught in our own minds seven layers of hell. I mean even if your hypocritical and you hang out with frat guys and don’t want your son to be the people you spend most of your time with, we can clean this up. Even if you terrorize a whole squad of people to retaliate something they watched one of its own members due to another month earlier, we can bleach that. Let's bleach our troubles away so we can all fuck with each other's darkest pieces. C'est la vie

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