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Black Dress

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

I watched her hold up necklaces in the mirror. Tight black dress coming off her thighs as close to the short side as it could get. She looked so astonishing in the black high heels she never wore. With my gaze sternly focused on her hips, I slide my hands right down to the top inside of her thighs as I kissed her neck.

“Do you only like me like this when I dress up?” She cracked as she finished.

She turned herself so her lips could meet mine on the way up.

“No, I think I like you dressed in anything.”

“So as long as I’m not naked?” She spurted out with a smile as she fully faced me to kiss.

I drew my head back and took a deep breath as I gently opened my eyes only to meet hers and lose it all again. The puddles of color drowned all the attention I had to span. Each flicker of life I’ve ever seen could be held in each pupil. Right in front of her, but lost thousands of miles away in thought. She picked up the conversation again turning back around.

“So what are you wearing tonight?”

Those eyes picked up every ounce of playful sassiness for each ounce of awe they just had. Still filled with beauty they looked back as she continued. “I mean I can’t be the only one to look good, you have to at least be presentable.”

“Yes ma’am, I’ll do my best to make you look bad.”

She turned to see my sideways smile as she made one of her funny faces. The one where the left cheek smashed up into the bottom of her eye and she only showed her teeth on that side of her face. It was thee cute one. Actually, they were all cute. It was my favorite though.

What to wear? You have to make her look good. You have to show her off, or more like let her show you off. If they have ever talked to that one they know she’s the catch, not you. You could be famous like George Clooney, and she’d still be the big deal, like George Clooney’s wife. You put on one shirt then another and was grabbing a third before she wandered over to unhang one.

“Here, this one. This color” She said with more emotion in her monotone voice than you had in most of your poems.

“Damn, okay miss bossy. I knew you were in charge but you don’t have to be so Hitler.”

I laughed at my own joke as she playfully swung her hand upside your head. You took the white and blue floral shirt and buttoned as she walked out of the room. You couldn’t take your eyes off. It wasn’t even the perfect ass. It was everything else, with the perfect ass to top it off. It was the frosting and it just so happened to be a delightful booty cake. Reaching for a tie you grabbed your favorite tie. It was an outlandish paisley tie that was mostly shades of orange and blue but carried all colors. You swung it around and started to loop it over when you heard her footsteps coming back into the room. You couldn’t help yourself. You were like a little kid again. Obsessed with just looking at her. She didn’t have to talk, she didn’t have to be awake, she just had to be.

Around, up, and through as you puled the tie to the proper length. This double Windsor needed some dimples and as you leaned closer to the mirror to put them into the knot. You thought the tie went well with the shirt. It was a confident clash of fashion. One only you could pull off. You knew you could when her face said “eww” before she could open her mouth to tell you differently.

“You seriously going to wear that?” Slightly hesitant, she kept stoking the coals.

“I think you should go sexy. Like you know jacket over the shirt and maybe a few buttons undone.”

Before you could argue she had a hand on the tie and was pulling down. Lips touched lips. Lips touched tongue. Lips touched skin. Teeth held onto her bottom lip as she slowly receded.

“You know we don’t have time.”

You leaned in to softly open her mouth with yours for another minute.

“Stop. If you knew what a quicky was, MAYBE we could make it work.”

“Ugh, I can pretend to be done. I can finish you in five minutes!”

It wasn’t worth the argument as she was putting her shoes back on. How did they come off? When did they come off?

You were too distracted by the sheer beauty to notice the details. You pulled the tie all the way off and grabbed the cobalt blue jacket to match the pants. You had to admit even without the tie the shirt and rest of the suit went together surprisingly well. She was right again. What else was new.

“Alright our uber is almost here. Let’s go”

You patted yourself down, spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch! Thank you sir powers I had it all. Gliding down the stairs to catch the beauty in the doorway. It was the first time you had been excited to attend a work dinner. Well, the first time for your work anyway. Her work was different. Walking out to the street you ran up to put your jacket over her shoulders. She turned back to have a stern almost upset face.

“Calm down, I know you’re going to get cold in the two minutes before we get into the uber and probably the walk into the restaurant too. It’s okay you can give it back before we get in.”

Her face gave approval without any positivity.

“Plus you honestly look better in it anyway” You added that with a facetious wink, but it wasn’t sarcastic. You believed she did look better in most of your clothes than you did.

“I’d go in with your jacket but they might think I have all your muscles too.”

“Fuck you, I worked out once this year!” You paused and gave the classic Socrates finger gun across the chin thinking pose. “At least I think it was this year”

You smiled. She giggled. You opened the door. She got in. You followed.

It was those two mumbling on for a conversation you didn’t hear a word of. The uber driver was confirming we were the right pair and headed to the directions we asked for. She did all the talking and you went back to all the staring. The car started down the hill and she put her head on your shoulder.

It was only twenty to thirty minutes with traffic. For once you wished for a longer drive so you could absorb all the time with her against your body. You got this with your dog but it never felt this good. You’d never tell either one of them that but it did feel different. This body had the ability to reciprocate some of the feelings you expressed. She could communicate with words. It was a lot different than the dog. She was also a little less hairy. Somehow you still got the same amount of her hair in your mouth as the dog, but overall she did look like she had less hair.

Without picking her head up she started to whisper at you.

Finger pointed at the center console she started off. “He won’t stop fucking with his phone. I can’t tell if he’s texting or emailing, but he’s not paying attention to the fuckin’ road.”

Not moving your eyes from her to look at the driver you replied, “Well, at least he didn’t change the station from shitty country music. I know that’s your favorite”

Head still perched on your shoulder she finished “It’s because he thinks we're white. He thinks we like this shit.”

Chuckling under your breath you pinged her pong right back, “Excuse me? You’re not white. Don’t think I’ll vouch for you if the Nazis pull us over.”

She lifted her head to show you those eyes again. The eyes you could drown trying to find the bottom of. She was putting her head back down when you nestled your shoulder up giving a sign for a kiss. You got it. One last kiss you thought. You were sure you could make it all the way there without another. We probably only had another fifteen to twenty you guessed.

Okay, maybe not. You dipped your shoulder back towards yourself and grabbed the back of her hair. She might be mad later, as it was well fixed for the evening, but she wouldn’t mind now. She liked it rough. She liked it rougher than you ever remembered to give it. It was because you treated her like a flower. One you had to keep perfect for the rest of your life. Your eyelids slowly came down as you felt her every move. The only time you didn’t have to have your eyes on her is when she was touching you, kissing you, part of you. Gradually pulling your lips back you knew you were going in for another. You just needed time to process the emotions. Hand still in her hair you felt the yank. Head jerking around to the road, all you saw was some overly blue headlights. Flash of hair, dress, asphalt, and metal. From all light and no vision to all black and the same.

Your head came off the pillow. Panting and gasping for air you grasped for her next to you. A handful of sheets is all you gathered. Unbelieved you managed to move your eyes. Your dog curled in a ball, tail wagging, sat staring with those puppy dog eyes stuck on you. For the intense cuteness and worthy cuddle puddle that was sitting next to you, you couldn’t manage. You laid your head back down. You started running your hands over the scars on your face. You stared at the ceiling. You remembered so little and she meant so much. Why couldn’t the stories ever end happily?

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