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Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Red Haiku

Five seven five

Haikus have long been dead

Run these thoughts in my head

Can not sleep in my bed

Oh, why does this river run red

Run these thoughts in my head

So dark and so twisted

My brain you thought i missed it

Run these thoughts in my head

This pen in my hand

Never the same again, god damn

Run these thoughts in my head

My heart burns like coal

Poetry has taken my soul

Run these thoughts in my head

I can go to bed

Once the demons have been fed

Run these thoughts in my head

Colors I see now

As the blood leaks itself out

Run these thoughts so red

Too Late to Play the Game

I'm not the same

But I am to blame

I was too late to play the game

Thoughts deranged Feeling strange

I was too late to play the game

I hope I'm not insane

Never been in so much pain

I was too late to play the game

heart plays with my brain

Your memories have stained

I was too late to play the game

I was too late to play the game

I will try until my time came

I will try until you feel the same

All because I was too late to play the game

New Team

Walking through the city. Steps line up with the bass of the music.

The taint in the air is easily tasted.

The colors and trees are washed over with the salty wind as you walk down the road.

A day in this city may be hated but is never wasted.

Walk by the beach.

Walk by a man in the alley.

He grabs a small bag within reach.

This is what’s under Silicon Valley.

I watch as the man holds the spoon over the flame.

The twitch, the drug, the craving, it’s all the same.

His face looked just like mine when I heard you say my name

I relapse every time you come up.

My stomach sinks.

My throat tightens.

I think I’m fucked up.

My vision gets a little shaky as my mind drifts into better thoughts.

It hurts because I knew I could do better.

Then I found out I couldn’t.

I hear a ring of the gunshots.

Dank shit

Black smoke and blue pills

A bag of excuses as I stand still

Hands on the line and I can't catch a thrill.

Gun un-holstered but I don’t shoot to kill.

Here to protect myself and my sobriety at will.

I had a ball, now I stop it from going downhill.

Pull out the lighter.

it feels lighter.

Spark it to start the fire.

It's out. It gets fired.

Sitting with a spliff and a drink at his desk he cold calls creativity. Creativity crawls around the corner, coming back to life.

Slowly standing it spits slurs of savory insanity. Swinging savagely, it cold clocks the caller. Creativity then states its stipulations for “Stickin Around”.

Cold, course, and costly, the crown of cleverness came correlating with Sadness, sorrow, and ever so slightly stupidity or all of them and...

staying stoned.


He built a castle, but it was made of sand.

He played with a match and fire burned all his land

For a minute it sparkled as the glass castle stood tall

Till a younger man with something to prove came in swinging and he lost it all

He never had a regret until his life crumbled and he watched it fall

He was was a good hearted man.

One of those good guys who was in a lot of bad places.

He had what others needed but was so nice he couldn't stand.


The next dead man was about to be, well me.

Died at twenty one, but lived a full life till I was eighty

Long life, down a longer road of agony.

Couldn't have a good time if it was handed to me.

Shots Fired in Hell

Barrel of shotgun in the bottom of the shot glass.

Watch the buckshot whiskey kick em’ in the ass.

She burned out with no rubber at the race track.

Spun, she kept a needle and a pistol in the pocket on the back.

Pulled her spoon out, lit it with her finger, asked if I needed a smack.

She didn't look bad. I tried to help.

Don't look at me like that. I tried to help.

I proposed, let’s take a vacay'.

Off we go for a couple of days.

Then wake up inside on the floor of a drunk tank.

We tried to get another drink, or two, or four.

Always asked, but never got that one more.

Turned up, passed out, and woke up on the floor.

The things we’d do now for another night.

Let alone, another score.

Bad decisions and demons were easier to find than most suspect.

They thought they’d bring evil round me, but they left for a better place.

Fucked right off, made my name a household name of hell in one attempt.

Even the devil I'd never met, she recognized my face.

She was high as heaven, but had the devil's horns.

Been alive for years, but tonight was the night she was born.

Yeah, I'm saying I found the devil, it’s easier than you think.

Rode the black Cadillac down to hell and the edge of the brink.

Then I saw God, picked a fight when he tried to take my drink

Took a vacation to hell. She had a great party and a heck of a good time.

The fire kept us nice and warm.

Don’t tell anybody but the devil was a cool dude.

She had the drugs, drinks, damsels, and some damn good food.

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