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Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Drugs and rock and roll, we're just missing... the sex.

What Happened to the sex?

What happened to the dripping with sweat, hormone ragging, the smell of the hard work you'd put in, and got that eye lock look sex? Yes, that fucking eye lock, see each other’s souls and instantly grow another ninety degrees closer in understanding their view of the circle of life Look. That you picture it for years to cum, come sorry. That fucking look. What happened to that look? What Happened to the kind of sex where that look was involved?

There is a new kind of Drug and a new kind of rock and roll. While they seem to be okay with having a lot of sex, it's just not the right kind. The mindless intercourse they pedal doesn't have enough emotional attachment to be called sex. In today's day and age where it's possible to achieve things with your lover that were once written as simple romance fantasies, you now can do in a long weekend and a clever mind. They used to write songs about it. They used to have emotion you could feel in the song about it. I don't just mean a heavy bass line, though that helps. I mean a song that no matter the instrument, voice, or lack of either, the story of the projecting artist or artists is taken in with a feeling it projects. As if you were experiencing a taste of what they had prepared. It was seen or heard with a hint of nostalgia to a deeper memory. It’s where the real sex came from.

That's what's missing. It's not missing everywhere. It's just much harder to find than drugs or rock and roll in today's day and age. With Thousands of new genres in music, and glorified ones popping up daily with new internet trends, it's not hard to find rock and roll. You can find the new stuff. Get any version they've ever made of the old stuff. I don’t fucking care that the music is changing. It always has. The ’60s weren’t the same as the ’70s who weren’t anywhere close to the ’80s, and we still had the good Fucking all the way through the ’90s, so what happened? It’s not that we’re gayer, less racist, or like to dance more now. I mean I could agree with you in a sense but I could also say Freddie mercury, ray, and prince, or slap you with a little Richard album and get a hattrick.

The Sex is gone, what’s left is a cheap excuse. We forgot THE ART OF THE FUCK. The Rock and Roll that’s still around is a hollow existence of what we wish it could be. The same six chords, in a four-chord manner, with a whale over the third, and a looped hip-hop beat as your drums, they all sound the same. Thank god they still have the drugs, right? Those are still the same, right?

Unfortunately, the drugs are as watered down as our understanding of these other two in today's day and age. While we have broken down barriers that used to stand as tall as a tsunami’s walls of water, for things like weed and psychedelics, we are taking it too far. I will advocate for proper use of a lot of things but never overuse, or worse. I think taking too many drugs, not listening to a lot of good music, and forgetting about the sex is a bad thing. At the same time, it sounds like a pretty appealing day. I just think if we want a good fucking banger, we gotta fuckin bang her. That sounded bad, and you can bang whomever you would like, I just have a picture in my head. But let’s write a song about love and feeling, with music to match. Let’s pay attention to the little life we have left in the body of rock and roll. Let’s open it up to new genres we didn’t like before but kick ass and fuck. I don’t care if your sex is meaningless with no strings attached, don’t make it pointless with no feeling attached. Curl their fucking toes to whatever slow or fast song floats your boat. Get deep into the music and deeper into the hormones. Or, don’t listen to me and the others who can see the colors and craving that comes through the music. Let it fade out like the last song on the vinyl.

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