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Bar Room

The Barroom is the one you sing karaoke at. It's the place you and all your friends go on a night out. It's the spot with good drinks and better-drunk food. It's the bar room, so it's also the place where you try to ignore what ever is playing because you want more of a conversation or less of a memory.  It's the background that everybody's heard. 

Bar Stool

The bar stool is a place we all know about and hope to never sit. We will all be is a gutter of depression with not enough will power to pull ourselves out at some point in our lives. The key is to not get caught spinning like a broken record on a bar stool no matter how bad. Don't believe me? Here, listen to the others say so. 

Back Porch

If you could bottle that feeling of watching the sunset over the serendipitous mountains in the distance after a stupid good day. Shit sinks in deeper with the release of serotonin, this kind of music is for that kind of situation. Take a seat on the Back Porch.


I would have said bedroom, but that wouldn't have been hot enough for this vibe. You're on a balcony overlooking something fuckin' sick. Either with dope drinks and doper friends, or with someone down to make it a time that's hot enough to remember for the rest of your life. This is the warm everyone has a drink kinda day/night. Whether that be two or twenty. 


This is the kinda vibe where you're safe to say something. All the group is here. WHOLE SQUAD. Well, not everytime, but everytime you wish they were. I mean you wouldn't, but remember that one time? Those, that, and THIS mother fuckerare the day ones. All GOATS like they got horns and answer to  "Tom Brady". 

Back Roads

It doesn't matter alone, or with a truck and bed full of idiots. 1960 chevy stepside or a shipped to your house model X, still doesn't matter. There are those songs that echo better off the hills and valleys on a back road drive. Emotions may vary but the underlying factor of that vibration determines its frequency. The sound may switch, but it all hertz the same. 

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