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Punk, Alternative, Classic, Metal, Indie, or Oldies. This is Rock. You can have the sex. I have the drugs. This is the Rock N' Roll. 


Prine, Vandsant, Dylan. Those are my favorites but as long as they picked a melody over a rhythm they are probably here. 


Wub, Dubs, Tears, and the stuff you play when you flash back to the one show. You know the one show? When he did that thing? 


Lyrical poetry scrambled over a loop of beats that repeats every couple bars. It's the message Tupac had. It's the Story J.Cole told. It's the glue that holds the M to the other M, it's what made DMC Run, and all that lies in between or outside.


Spoken words and poetry. The words may not sound like music but the meaning tears like a ballad you sing outside her window in an 80's chick flic.


From Austin to Nashville. It's not cliché dirt roads, light beers, off tune twang, and boots. We don't always turn that down. This is just the real music of where I came from. 

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